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Meena Chabbria, AVP – Brand Alliances, PVR Cinemas South India & Sri Lanka

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Meena has released her first book, ‘Unstoppable’ and reflects on her life that has been nothing short of challenges.

“An ordinary office day took an intriguing turn when I received a call from Ratnam Ada, Ex-President of Phillips, and more importantly, a friend and a well-wisher. He had been following my candid posts on LinkedIn, where I aimed to share my story authentically, without pretenses. Ratnam appreciated my forthrightness and suggested that my life story had the makings of an engaging book. This was the moment when the idea of ‘Unstoppable’ was first conceived. While I was enthusiastic about the project, I was initially uncertain of my ability to bring it to fruition. The process of writing this book began during a period of intense personal strife. I found myself grappling with feelings of despair and disconnect, struggling with suicidal thoughts and a sense of withdrawal from my loved ones. On one such night, Ratnam’s words echoed back to me. An inexplicable urge welled up within me to leave behind a legacy of resilience and integrity. I wanted to be remembered as someone who navigated through life’s adversities and remained true to herself, despite the immense challenges. This prompted me to begin writing ‘Unstoppable’, with the help of Vimal Geethanandan, who aided in shaping the narrative. I’m now thrilled to share ‘Unstoppable’ with the world. This is more than just my story; it’s a testament to resilience, and a call to action for women to overcome their unique challenges and fulfill their potential. ‘Unstoppable’ is a guidebook for navigating adversity and finding success, even against the odds. I believe that women globally will find resonance in my story, hopefully drawing inspiration to persevere through their own hardships and strive towards their goals, confident in the knowledge that even in the darkest tunnels, light awaits at the end.”

Read the full story that first appeared in Deccan Chronicle dated June 2, 2023 here:

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