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Metallic Home Decor – how to do it right!

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Bling It On


While doing up your home you can seek design inspirations from many sources and an interesting options is metals. Yes, metallic home decor is a trend to watch out for and with the upcoming festive season, a great way to give your home a makeover.



Metal Matters

Bling is very much in and can create a niche corner in your home. “We can include shiny metals by having candle stands, small décor items and wall décor accessories. For washrooms, one can use metallic coloured basins or decorative utensils. For bedroom’s, use it as a colour scheme for fans, table lamps, vases, cushions whilst decorative show pieces around the house or wall papers is a good idea for living or drawing room,” opines Sagar Datta, Casa Interio. Ramachandra Shastry, Director, Rumors Fine Furnishings, adds, “bringing metal to unexpected areas like the walls can make an eclectic room feel more glamorous and grown up. Copper is a good choice in a more laid back, rustic country homes. Chrome can be used for a fancy, high glamour touch. Polished gold and silver fixtures make your space look dramatic. Brass, steel and nickel are a few more metals that can be used.” Fabrics that include metallic yarn either in weaving or embroidery or in the form of prints (foil prints) can be used to add a hint of metallic to any given space. A woven wire shower curtain brings unexpected shine and texture to a contemporary modern interior. Reshma Chhabria – Interior Designer and Founder HIIH avers, “lamps are a great option lamps with metallic finish on the inside or outside give a great sophisticated look.”



Stainless steel accessories lend a smart, chic and contemporary look to one’s homes. “Besides kitchens, use of stainless steel as an interior accessory option can add that glamour and zing, so there are people who are going for steel furniture/ wall hangings and lamps to do up the corners.  Stainless steel and wood combination is lovely for furniture. One can accessories with planters, photo frames and vases which can be in its natural colour coordinated with colours like Rose Gold and Bronze,” say Deepikaa Jindal, M.D., Artddinox. Even laminates which has number of applications in exterior and interior surfaces can be availed in metal finish now as ACP sheets are available in various finishes such as gold, silver, steel, copper and brass. “One of the latest trends in metallic finishes includes gold leafing. Sanitary ware, wallpapers wall paints along with hardware items and showpieces/décor items are available in metallic finish. In a nutshell, literally everything that a home interior needs is available in shiny metals,” says Ajay Agarwal, Partner, Geopreneur Design Studio. Silver and gold have always been regarded as luxe elements in any segment, home being the most prominent. “Gold and silver are precious metals and anything associated with their respective colours is considered so too. Copper is the latest entrant in the market as it offers a beautiful soft contrast to the other two. Also the three together are like the three colours of gold – yellow, white and rose,” says Archana Kumari Singh, President, Frazer and Haws. “Antique silver tea sets or polished aluminium trays can add that a metallic element. Use decorative accent pieces like a gold bowl or brass candle holders or a metallic table lamp to add that rustic glam,” says Nimrita Genomal, co-founder of

ceiling lamp

Getting it Right

Metals like copper, gold, iron, brass can add an instant facelift to your home décor. “Metals reflect light and can instantly add radiance. Floor cushions or throw pillows in metallic colours can be tossed on a neutral coloured couch to get the chic look. Brass is one metal which is making a huge comeback and India is known for beautiful brass craft. An intricate brass bell at the entrance is a perfect piece to splurge on. Brass idols on the table are a serene and stylish accent for any room. Try an antique silver tea set or tray as a prop too. Iron on the other hand works well as a base metal and does not clash with gold or silver,” says Priyank Varshney, Founder, Gold furnishings, fabrics and paints are the new things in vogue today. An effort to swap curtains, linens, area rugs and pillows with ones that have hints of gold is a good beginning. “Chandeliers of gold or silver are other important accessories that you must include in your homes, especially over your dining tables. Metallic chandeliers are pretty craved for these days. Small accessories and decorating items spread out in the room over the centre table or in the form of a picture frame give a very elegant look to it,” says Samira Chopra, Creative Head, Casa Colour.


Avoid Pitfalls

The key in metallic décor is to use it as a ‘highlight’ and minimalism works. Rajat Singhi, Founder & Creative Director, Address Home says, “do not create a congregation of golds or silvers. What a lone gold piece could add, a group of it would take away. Monochromes always come in handy to balance any gold’s, silvers and other metallic tones. Any small group or cluster of products should always have odd numbered items in it.” Sanjiv C Mehra, Managing Director, Trivie Interiors, “be careful not to go overboard with the colours. If you’re not too sure about the colours to use, stick to timeless classics like beaten copper or gold leaf. Use one dominant metallic colour. Let the other metallic colours be more subtle.” “Dry clean any metallic cushion or curtain. Never wash at home. – Sequenced and metallic fabrics are not the best choice if there are pets home. If not living area, can be used in bedroom for throws and cushions as top of bed decor,” says Kunal Mehta Kanchi By Shobhna and Kunal Mehta. Retesh Sharma, Director, Zynna advices, “you should pair metallics with natural fibres that will create a glamorous look without feeling overdone. If not try using soothing colours with metallics otherwise it will look very overdone. Apart from that another great idea is adding metallic bookshelves. The reflective surface will provide dimension to knickknacks plus make the bookshelf itself appear larger.”


Easy Tips

The trick with using metallic pieces and mirrors in a single space is to mix them with different, softer textures to balance them out. Yukta Mathur, Editor, advices, “choose a dominant metal colour and pair it with ‘pops’ of other metals. Accessorize your home with a glam finish by mixing metallic gold with natural elements. Metallic lotus or a metallic bird can accessorize your dining table and can make it look classy. You can take help from spray paints, craft paints, leafing, gilding paint and gold cream to get various metal finishing at your home. When in doubt, incorporate an abstract metallic decor item.” As the trend in home interiors keep on changing, never replace all the accessories at your home to give it a metallic finish. Parushni Aggarwal – Studio CREO and Nikoo Interiors, advices, ”use softer textures to balance it out, with too many metallic’s, use solid bold colours or neutral colours so it doesn’t look over the top. Keep the palette neutral. Be it with accessories, fabrics or anything related to patterns on ceilings or flooring, keeping the theme of your space neutral with a few metallic elements will make your space look stylish. You should use the same colour metal (for example, gold) in different textures or finishes (polished brass, brushed brass, gold leaf.) One should start small for this experimental look to the interiors of one’s home.” So get set for a home metallic makeover.


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