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Mewari Cuisine

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Mewari cuisine has an interesting texture of flavours and taste that makes it as unique as it is interesting on your palate.

On a recent trip to Udaipur, I visited the beautiful property, Shikarbadi Hotel by HRH Group of Hotels for dinner. This was my second visit here but in a different season. The monsoon sees a natural lake bed form on the periphery of the property which makes for a great sight as the famed Aravallis frame the beautiful landscape.

This time, as I was here at the end of summer, the lake bed is almost dry but is filled with many birds and the place being home to hundreds of peacocks is lovely nonetheless. As I settle for a special meal at my table overlooking this picturesque location, Praveen Nayak, Sous Chef, Shiv Niwas Palace, Udaipur, meets me over a memorable meal dedicated to the cuisine of Mewar.

Mewari Food spread
Mewari Food spread

Mewari cuisine has taken after the topography and sees a combination of three aspects – pickling, dried and fresh food as part of its culture. The food is also influenced by the Royal family of Mewar who have always been very creative about their local cuisine using spices and herbs from different parts of Rajasthan.

Some unique ingredients that are used when making Mewari food include Lotus Stem, Desi Gur [Jaggery], Local White Corn and Home-Made Ghee that is a must for cooking savoury and sweet dishes. Some of the specific monsoon foods include Kikoda [Kantola] ki Subji, Malpua Rabdi, Jhakolva Poori and Chane ki Dal.

Here are some unique recipes of this cuisine:

  • Rajasthani Laal Maas (Courtesy Chef Love Mathur)
  • Khade Masale ka Palak (Courtesy Chef Praveen Nayak)
  • Khade Masale Ka Murgh (Courtesy Chef Love Mathur)
  • Maachli Jaisamandi (Courtesy Chef Praveen Nayak)

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