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Music Education in India

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Studying music is a great way to polish your skills and turn a vocation into a profession as there are several education institutions in India that can help.

Music education in India today is extremely diverse in terms of both availability and quality. Another untapped opportunity is music education in schools – which despite a lot of emphasis in the national education policy – is still very uneven in implementation. With crores of students still outside the reach of music education, the scope for growth is immense.

The Indian Music Experience museum, which is India’s first interactive music museum, has a Learning Centre which offers curriculum-based high quality music education in various music disciplines such as karnatic and Hindustani vocals, mridangam, guitar, keyboard etc.

The learning centre has been running for five years now, and has trained hundreds of students. In addition to classes from experienced and motivated teachers, what sets LC apart is the experiential learning opportunities provided in the music museum and sound garden, which give students a firsthand exposure to principles of music, as well as legends and history.

Students at the Indian Music Experience
Students at the Indian Music Experience

Also, the museum organizes a host of events and public programs, workshops and camps, to which the students have access. Each year the students get opportunities to present what they have learnt at an annual showcase, and the students also work together to produce a music video.
Since the start of the pandemic, the Learning Centre also offers online classes via a secure Learning Management System, which in addition to the Zoom classes also has the class notes, recordings, assignments and fun facts. Online classes are one-on-one, while the in-person classes are in group mode.

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