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Mysore – Royal Musings

Here is my article on Mysore – Karnataka’s connection with royalty. It is also a city that has an old world charm and yet is an upscale city.

Did you know Mysore has several eponymous to its credit?

Mysore Masala Dosa: A dosa with a red chutney and simple potato curry with loads of ghee.

Mysore Pak: A traditional sweet dish made with gram flour, sugar and ghee.

Mysore Bonda: A traditional snack, these are deep fried dumplings made with flour, yoghurt and spices.

Mysore Silk: Known for its silk, the Mysore silk sarees are quite expensive as they are woven with real gold and silver threads!

Mysore Peta: This is a traditional headgear, like a gold turban worn by Mysore royalty and is today a common way of honouring people.

Mysore Mallige: This is a special variety of the jasmine flower that has a distinct fragrance that has been patented and registered under Intellectual Property Rights!

Mysore Painting: While it might resemble its popular cousin, the Tanjore painting, these paintings have more delicate lines, graceful designs and use of pure gold work.

Do read all this and more in my story here: Mysore

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