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Nap Rooms in Corporates

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Nap bays, resting spaces or recovery rooms. Call them what you want but Bangalore’s corporates are making spaces for employees to catch up on sleep at work.

“Always nap when you can. It is cheap medicine” said English poet Lord Byron. Perhaps taking a cue of this, organisations in Bangalore are giving an option to employees to take short naps at work and also as a means to create a better work life balance.

Sleep Matters

Lack of sleep is increasingly taking a toll on the health of an organization, its workforce as well as its finances. “The Great Indian Sleep Scorecard 2019,’s annual, nation-wide sleep survey, revealed that 80% of people across the country felt sleepy at work between one and three days a week. Around 20% felt sleepy all the time, while 51% felt drowsy most of the time. According to the National Sleep Foundation, napping for about thirty minutes helped people be more alert, enhanced performance, and reduced mistakes and accidents at work. Napping is also believed to soothe anxiety and depression as it controls cortisol levels in the body. Hence, nap pods and rooms can significantly improve productivity, employee morale and facilitate a better, healthier and happier work culture,” says Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director & Co-founder, There have been several studies over the years that have established the benefits of taking power naps during the day. For instance, way back in 1995, NASA did an interesting study on 747 pilots, wherein each participant was allowed to nap for 40 minutes during the day. Researchers found that the group that had napped demonstrated a rise in vigilance performance from 16% in median reaction time to 34% in lapses, as compared to the group that did not get any naptime.

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