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New Age Festive Decor

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Festive Fervour

This festive season give your home a funky and quirky makeover and enjoy the festivities with a twist of décor.

It’s that time of the year when festivities come knocking at your door. While there is a focus on all things new, give a thought to how you can change your home décor. And if you are wondering how, well, read on.

Do the New

Festivals are a good time to give your home a makeover and you can start with your furniture – and it is not always about replacing them. “Changing the surface of your furniture to give a new and trendy look or even refurbishment is a great idea. Different designs and textures can change the look and feel of your room,” says Shankho Chowdhury, Executive Business Head – Decoratives, CenturyPly. One of the easiest ways to change your spaces is by experimenting with lights. Using natural materials like wood, bamboo and rattan are great for a chic and sophisticated statement. “Using old fabric to create a patchwork of upholstery is thrifty and trendy. Using local flowers is a great way to add color and make your own potpourri. Another way to add color and depth is through textured dhurries, in a variety of fabric such as silk and wool. Pretty sheers or curtains in silk, chanderi silk, bright organza, patchwork and brocade, add a dreamy dimension,” says Meghna Zutshi, Creative Director, Jaypore.com. A subtle combination in accessories or glass lights can create a great impact on visualization of a space. “You can place colour paper cones around the light fixture, to change the shade of the lights, from one shade to another. You can even use the scarp wine bottles and stuff it with LED lights, hemp string pendant as a lamp, faux capiz chandelier and arrange it around the home as a personal style statement,” says Shivangi Shah, Proprietor and Creative Head, Hive Home.

Do It Yourself

The joy of doing things yourself is unparallel and you can use many DIY ideas especially with lights and colours. Think out of the box and also think ecofriendly – what can you recycle is the question to ask. For instance instead of throwing out empty glass bottles of milk or juice you can convert them to flower vases , hanging or table lamps or lamp posts. “We get a battery operated bunch of LED Rice/nano lights in the market. Open the bunch carefully and start pouring LED nano bulbs of the bunch, one by one in the jar or bottle. Make sure you keep the switch off the light up towards the mouth of the bottle or jar. Pour some glass marbles or one can pour some Tapioca Sago and fill the jar or bottle till half. You may use colored Tapioca Sago also or glass marbles. In the night when you switch on these lights and keep each of them in different corners of the house, it just creates magic and lights up the entire celebration atmosphere. You may choose to hang this bottles or jars also at the windows (from inside the house) or at the center of the living room,” explains Jenis Makwana, Founder and Director, ‘JM: The Design consultant’. Likewise, celestial light fixtures are pretty much just balls of fun. “They basically come in a round design, with star-like beams coming from its center thus creating a beautiful mass. There is something charming about them that set them apart from the rest. You can hang several ones or even create your very own constellation of stars in your personal space,” says Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes.

Now Trending

There is a trend to use two contrasting solid colours in the kitchen area to make it look unique. Funky barware is also trendy as is wallpaper as a fun way to dress up your walls without investing in re-paint. A clear shift towards a more minimal sort of aesthetic is in. Statement ceilings through the use of printed wallpapers, exposed beams, vibrant hues, geometric prints, bold paints, tailored wallpapers and dramatic lighting elements are also in vogue. “We maily play with chandeliers or down lighters and sideline the corner tall lamps or corner side table lamps or standing lamps. But, having an up lighter on the corners emphasizing on ceiling will give a very elevated look to the space. Play around with lamps with fringes. They bring such a drama to a space,” says Kuntal Aggarwal, Founder & Design Head, Resaiki Interiors. So get ready for a festive makeover.


  • Esha Chaudhry, Design Director, Studio HBA, says, “large, over scaled objects like statement furniture or sculptural lighting are making their way into homes. Deep colour tones like teals, emerald, and crimson are in vogue. These can be seen in the form of tiles and fabrics.”
  • While refurbishing your furniture, choose the right laminate which matches with your room colour, curtains and accessories.
  • Re-arrange your furniture to make space in your room so that it appears bigger.
  • Do not go overboard with foil or metallic, it is always best to keep it clean and clutter-free.
  • Do not overdo colours and ensure the space is well balanced.

This story first appeared in HT Estates Mumbai dated 8th September 2018 here:All images in this post are courtesy Jaypore.com

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