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Nimba Nature Cure Ahmedabad

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A retreat where you can connect with yourself holistically and make the most of “me time” is what Nimba Nature Cure promises.

Driving from Ahmedabad’s airport to Nimba Nature Cure is well over an hour and the highway is dotted with greenery and lots of colourful bougainvilleas. As I arrive into the 30-acre retreat, there is a sense of calm and quiet that is unmissable. The name Nimba incidentally comes from a proverbial tree believed to give you perfect health.

Nimba Wellness Retreat
Nimba Wellness Retreat

Holistic Health

I am welcomed at the retreat by Richa Agnihotri, Chief Business Officer who makes me comfortable with a glass of fresh watermelon juice. “What makes this retreat different is that we not just focus on the body and the mind but also on the soul. Hence we have a lot of techniques like past life regression that helps people deal with the excess baggage they are carrying unknowingly from their past lives.” I am also handed over a welcome note that has a list of the timings of the various activities as well as restaurant and library hours. There is also a daily schedule of activities – some are recommended and others compulsory for you to follow. Outside food is a strict no-no and in case you have any packaged food, you will have to discard it at the reception (your bags are checked for it). The idea is to follow a disciplined regimen that focuses on your health and is customized per your requirements. While the minimum stay at the retreat is seven days, you can also check it out for three days to understand what it entails and sign up again at a later stage. Typically, people come in with the objective of relaxation, weight loss or detoxification, but there are several others that largely come here for lifestyle disease management. The retreat also offers advice on how these lifestyle changes can be made part of your daily life once you go back home so that the health issues do not reoccur. A personalized consultation is offered to each guest post which an entire custom treatment is designed based on the objective as well as the current health condition. These treatments include naturopathy, Ayurveda, yoga and other holistic wellness treatments.

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