The Nine Irritating Habits of Traffic Offenders in Bangalore

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Driving around in Bangalore can be a big challenge as there are so many vehicles of the road and most of them have very few ethics on the roads. Just a couple of days back I was at a signal close to home and was the first person waiting in the queue. As the signal turned green I started to move and from no where I had a two wheeler driver whiz past me from the left to take a U Turn. Obviously he had no care that my car was damaged with his act nor did he have the courtesy to apologize. And since I was the first one waiting at the signal, I decided not to stop and hold up the traffic. However this is not a one off occurrence the city today. The complex composition of vehicles in the city from two, three, four, six wheeler’s and more means you never are prepared well enough. Here are my list of the seven most irritating habits of people driving on Bangalore roads (most people fit into this category).


Not giving way to an ambulance

I am still wondering how one cannot hear the shrieking sirens of an ambulance. Either people are deaf or they try to race an ambulance – a behavior that I am still perplexed about.

Jumping the signal

No this is not just in the morning when traffic is thin. People are almost always jumping the signal when the light turns red from amber. Also I am baffled why the traffic cops never get to them. I am sure if I tried something remotely resembling this I would be booked – the irony of life 🙂

Overtaking from the left

In spite of the fact that I am indicating that I will turn left, there is always a motorist who insists on overtaking me from the left to go straight! I am always amazed at the stupidity of these motorists but

Changing lanes without indicating

I think this is a fundamental issue that even driving schools do not address. Many years back my driver was quite flabbergasted that I was indicating to change lanes as he was pretty sure that they must only be used when you are turning right or left! I believe that most people think exactly like that even now!

Honking at a signal

A habit that I just do not understand is honking at a signal. While I most often want to tell people that red means to wait or that he could probably jump over my vehicle, I grin and bear it.


Cutting Queues

Bangalore is crowded. period. At malls, temples, weddings, schools – everywhere there is usually a serpentine queue to enter. Just when you are cursing your luck, there is a smart alec who decides he can cut the queue, overtake from the wrong side and block traffic from the other side as well.

Driving on a one way

A friend from Delhi once commented “all roads in Bangalore are one way”. It got me thinking and sure enough, Bangalore probably has more one ways than other cities. Arguably one of the most irritating habits that motorists have is to drive on the opposite side of a one way. To add insult they will even glare at you if you have an exasperated expression, almost making you wonder if you were on the wrong side of the road!

Appearing from nowhere

What I mean by this is drivers who intend to take a right turn stick to the extreme left side of the road and decide to move right when you least expect them. And yes, there is no indicator ever for you to know. I even saw at a four way road that a motorist actually jumped the signal, driving on the wrong side of a one way and cut across a road in the midst of a busy road when least expected – how many offences in one action??

Temper Tantrums

Is it me or do you also feel people are very angry on the road? Most people have a grumpy face and seem like they are ready to bite. God forbid there is alteration between two motorists over a slight brushing of the vehicles, you are going to be grounded (quite literally).

This is my list of issues I face. What are yours?


Thanks Roshan for suggesting I add these two:

2-wheelers riding on the footpath

This is again unique to Bangalore and I am guessing is done to cut ahead of queues at a signal. So where do the pedestrians walk?

High-beam usage

There was a while when there was a restriction to use headlights on well lit roads that disappeared as soon as it was implemented. However even though high beam usage is banned this is done both by cars and 2-wheelers and driving at night is quite crazy.

Am guessing there will be more 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Nine Irritating Habits of Traffic Offenders in Bangalore

  1. Could add two more issues faced –

    1. 2-wheelers riding on the footpath to cut ahead of queues at a signal
    2. High-beam usage within city at night – this is practised both by cars and 2-wheelers

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