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No makeup look

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Want to look flawless and bright? Well, a ‘no makeup’, makeup look is what you need to make your face glow.

Beauty and makeup are all about balance and proportion. If your face looks balanced, it is perfect and beautiful. And that is how the ‘No makeup look’ came into trend. It refers to a natural look that utilises minimal makeup to highlight or balance your facial features. The idea behind the no-makeup look is that it is meant to appear like you are wearing next to no makeup.

Layering multiple skincare products can often make your makeup slide off or even change consistency. Keep it simple.

If you want to try this on yourself, firstly adjust and level out your skin tone. For sheer coverage and a natural finish, use a light coverage BB cream or foundation.

: In order to achieve this look, you shouldn’t be in a hurry. You should be able to blend everything in seamlessly. It’s all about blending, and using the right product and not going over the top with the product. Just use enough to give the coverage, and give you a sheer look but don’t use too much product, where you know that you’ve put product. So there’s a very fine line, with knowing how much product to use. You have to use the right tools to do make-up like this. Which means either you use your hands for blending or you use a beauty blender or you habve a very fine blender brush that helps you blend everything together.

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