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Notes from Nature

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Looking outside my window and seeing the wonders of nature has been my most favourite thing to do during the lockdown.


I am fortunate that my apartment is next to a temple that houses a massive Ficus Racemosa tree that grows cluster figs near the tree trunk. Typically, April is the time when the figs turn a deep red from the green and this is when the tree is abuzz with activity. From squirrels, butterflies, bees and birds, the tree is teeming with life telling me that nature can never been quarantined. The activity starts early in the morning when the chirping of the birds and squeaks of the squirrels begin. Nibbling at the fruit, there is a wonderful cycle of life that unfolds each day.

Red vented bulbul

Among the birds I have seen on the tree include the Koel, Asian Koel, White cheeked barbet or small green barbet, purple sunbird, yellow sunbird, red vented bulbul, rose ringed parakeet, golden oriole and pigeons. Each bird has a different call and it is most interesting to note that when the koel calls from this tree, there is an answer from another koel from another tree – unfailing, each time, every time. It is like a symphony and a conversation rolled into one. As the day progresses, the birds’ flit in and out but the squirrels have a field day feasting on the figs and the bees are buzzing all around.

Black Kite

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2 thoughts on “Notes from Nature

  1. Congratulations and exciting to watch nature come back to city. Thanks for capturing hidden wonders which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.
    Harish apt 304

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