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Nush Lewis – Harpist Interview

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Nush Lewis is one of the country’s only renowned Harp players, apart from being a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter in the contemporary pop space.

The world of music has several dimensions and Nush Lewis is treading on uncharted trajectories with her forays into playing the harp, starting India’s only podcast on music education and also dabbling in teaching music.

She started OffSet Education in 2017 which is a little over five years old now. OffSet is a music education property created to directly support education and creative development with direct support from the music industry.

She started her podcast ‘Out of the Box’ in 2020 as a video interview series aimed to support and promote music educators who were doing things differently. A year after she put out those interviews, she had a few people who asked if she was going to do more of these interviews. Her third EP, ‘Forgotten Verses’ will be released soon.

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