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The key for creating the workplace of the future is to view employees as unique individuals with specific needs rather than as generalised ‘workers’ while keeping empathy at the forefront.

A recent study from Godrej Interio revealed that 84% of the workforce expect a good work-life balance from their jobs. Essentially, the workplace of the future must address public health requirements, individual employee needs, and deliver economic value to businesses through adaptive ways of engaging with their ecosystems.

With things getting back to normal and office spaces operating in full strength under hybrid mode, it has become essential for business owners to redesign their office spaces as the ‘post-pandemic lifestyle’ themes.

Courtesy Space Matrix
Courtesy Space Matrix

One of the new trends while designing office spaces is adding a lot of foliage which gives freshness, positivity, and vibrancy to the workspace. Another key aspect is to build well-designed functional units for storage of bags and other paraphernalia so that they do not spoil the beauty of the space and help keep things as organised as possible.

There has been a clear transition in office spaces over the years. Some of the important trends being seen in the post-pandemic work setup is that designers are working more towards utilizing sustainable products and designs, interactive lounges for employee engagement, functional spaces that include lightweight, maneuverable, and ergonomic furniture.

Today, sustainability is the need of the hour and workplaces are certainly not left behind. Today, there are options to make office furniture sustainable and add a touch of newness in the office space.

Read the full story that first appeared in Architect & Interiors Magazine Nov 2022 issue here:

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