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Ornaments and Embellishments for Christmas

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‘Tis the season to be jolly and the best way is to do it at home. Wondering how? Well, use some amazing Christmas ornaments and embellishments to create personalised vignettes.

It’s the season for cheer and festivity and being the end of the year, the holiday season is officially here. And home is where the action is. Whether or not you have a Christmas tree, celebrating the spirit of Yuletide is easy with ornaments and embellishments.

Handmade & DIY ornaments are really trending today as these are very special. One or more members in the family can come together to make special DIY ornaments. These would not only be different & special but would also be memorable. For instance, You could customize tree hangings by making them from wood slices onto which images of your loved ones could be transferred.

Courtesy Itsy Bitsy
Courtesy Itsy Bitsy

Using ornaments is not just about hanging them on Christmas trees. Put them in long cylindrical jars and keep them on the credenza or your living room table or hang a bunch above your dining table using something as simple as a thread or a dried branch for a more rustic look. You can also use a tray to keep the tiny, dried Christmas trees in one place and add small dried pinecones too.

Courtesy Itsy Bitsy
Courtesy Itsy Bitsy

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