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Outhouse store in Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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The Outhouse store in Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai designed by Project 810 Furniture & Interior Design seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality.

Outhouse is an everlasting romance between their passion for jewellery and love for storytelling. Detail oriented, this home-grown brand is bold, confident and has an unapologetic spirit. Set in a high-end shopping mall in Mumbai, the space recognises the bold values of the brand using a natural and clean route. The eclectic boundaries dissolve into restrained ones to ensure that their statement pieces of jewellery stand out. The space allows for the brand’s evolving collections to be adopted into a space, that go from dramatic to elegant from time to time.

The Outhouse
The Outhouse

Vritima Wadhwa Singh, Design Principal & Founder, Project 810 Furniture & Interior Design, says, “the Outhouse store is a five fifty square feet clean rectangular box that reveals itself gradually. The front two-thirds of the store hosts pockets of varying display systems and the rear end houses the checkout and back of the house functions. A neat cement punned façade welcomes you into an ambient environment. The first glimpse of this retail space is striking visual composed of well-balanced organic forms – partially drawn enclosures and a ceiling that meanders rhythmically towards the end. The character of the store owes itself to the chosen materials – lightly punned walls and white ash wood furniture add calm and serenity to the space and juxtapose the brand colours – pink and gold. The seamless flooring Is a timeliness salmon pink terrazzo with white chips. The store is characterized with varied kinds of shelving and storage systems-from tall display cabinets to low height vitrines. The new additions to this palette include wicker which takes shape in the form of a bench gently wrapping along one of the fluid partitions. Enhancing this characteristic are the pink drapes that add a sense of softness to the retail experience.”

The statement forms and natural finishes come together gloriously to celebrate this fearless jewellery brand.

Materials Flooring: Terrazzo, Bharat Floorings
Wicker Bench : Wicker Story
Walls: Punned Cement
Furniture Cabinetry: Brushed Ash wood with a matte white PU
Fabrics : D’decor
Mirror Frames : Brushed Brass
Photography : Reuben Singh
Clients : Sasha and Kaabia Grewal
Location : Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Area : 550 sq.ft.

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