Paella and Risotto food festival at My Fortune, Bengaluru

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The Spanish Paella

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The Italian Risotto

An interesting food festival is underway in Bengaluru and it is to do with a staple – rice! My Fortune, Bengaluru is currently running its ode to the Mediterranean with the unique “Paella and Risotto” food festival. Sachin Talwar, Executive Chef, ITC My Fortune gave us a preview of the culinary treats as part of the festival and showcased the carefully curated range of Italian and Spanish cuisine that has much for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The Food

We started our meal with meze platter of pita bread and lavash, with Babaghanoush, Hummus, Tabbouleh, garden fresh salad and paneer skewers! Interestingly this was served in a large steel plate with steel bowls resembling a thaali! The taste of each of these dishes was superlative and served as the best appetiser to the meal. We followed this up with the corn and cheese parcels a melt in your mouth starter that resembled a small samosa! Absolutely delectable, these little parcels disappeared instantly and with good reason. We then sampled the star dishes, both made with absorbent short grained rice.  – the Spanish Paella – we had a saffron and bell pepper infused vegetarian version that had nice subtle flavours of green beans, tomatoes and peas. The non-vegetarian version has seafood, chicken and sausage. Likewise the creamy risotto was a delight as it never for once felt heavy and Chef Sachin explained that this was because the rice is cooked in its own starch and no cream or butter is added. The risotto is excellent for this reason and showed the Chef’s expertise at its core. The festival is showcasing four variants of the risotto – a pepperoni version, the Akka Promaveera with seasonal vegetables and cheese, Risotto Fung with an assortment of mushrooms and the Risotto All Melenzeane with Italian rice and eggplant.

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The delectable ‘Paella Valenciana’ is a must for seafood, chicken and sausages lovers and the ‘Paella Veggie’ is a gourmand dream of seasonal vegetables. The Risottos are lovely with mushrooms, roasted peppers, eggplant and cheese among other farm fresh produce.  Both the rice dishes are filling and a great way to enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean!


The festival is different in a nice way and is recommended for all foodies – you will fall in rice all over again!


What – Paella & Risotto food festival
When – 16th June, 2017 to 25th June, 2017
Where – My Fortune, Bengaluru
For additional details / reservations please call:
My Fortune, Bengaluru
No 46, Richmond Road,
Tel: 080- 25001700 Web:

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