Christmas Traditions with a Twist

Christmas traditions go beyond Santa Claus, Christmas trees and gifts that are as unique as they are strange. Christmas and New Year is the time of cheer and happiness. And to add to the fun, there are so many unique traditions across the world that is likely to surprise you as well. Some of these… Read More Christmas Traditions with a Twist

Architect & Interiors India

Spa and Wellness Products

Home is a space where people seek to unwind after a long day of work. While Spa and wellness products add a relaxing vibe to your home it also creates a very interesting aesthetic look. With the ongoing pandemic, wellness or relaxing corners at home are being created as a specialized space to unwind. Bathrooms… Read More Spa and Wellness Products

Architect & Interiors India

iGen Design Forum

On December 19, 2020, Architects and Interiors magazine virtually hosted the day long iGen 2020 Design Forum that had a mix of insightful presentations and engaging panel discussions from the best design minds from India and abroad. Apart from felicitating the iGens for the year during the event, the winner of the iGen 2020 People’s… Read More iGen Design Forum

Architect & Interiors India

Laminates in Home Décor

In today’s times, laminates are not just limited to simple wooden designs or solid colours but are shifting to a conceptual and artistic side of design. Laminate brands are adding new designs to their lineup to ensure that they add to the aesthetic beauty of the interiors of a space. Laminate is made from pressing… Read More Laminates in Home Décor

The Hindu

Memories of Pav Bhaji

One of my earliest memories of an evening snack Pav Bhaji is a dish whose taste I that has lingered in my mind. In the 1980s when I was growing up in Hyderabad, there were not too many options to eat out especially snacks. Also eating out was largely restricted to special occasions, so when… Read More Memories of Pav Bhaji

The New Indian Express

The Rann Utsav

The annual Rann Utsav is currently underway and is your best way to come up close with Gujarat even if it is under the shadow of COVID-19. The Rann of Kutch is the world’s largest salt desert and the winters is when you can stay at the Rann to experience its vivid sights and sounds.… Read More The Rann Utsav

Free Press Journal

Food Trends 2021

As the tough year of 2020 draws to a close, food trends of 2021 draw largely from the changed circumstances we live in. COVID-19 has changed everything in the world, including the way we eat, process and source food. Naturally then as we reach the end of what can be the most challenging year, it… Read More Food Trends 2021


Ganesha at Gulur

At Gulur village, the God of auspicious beginnings Ganesha is celebrated in many ways. It was a casual conversation with my mother who recalled a school trip to Gulur that actually piqued my interest. Soon enough we were on our way to Gulur in Tumkur district. A smooth journey the 75 odd kilometer trip was… Read More Ganesha at Gulur


Kabini – Photo Essay

The beautiful jungles of Kabini and Nagarhole give you a great insight into the wild side of Karnataka. What makes this jungle unique is that it sees the largest conglomeration of Asiatic elephants – over 1400 of them who come together from other jungles in summer in search of water. Kabini is also the jungle… Read More Kabini – Photo Essay

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK

KAAV Safari Lodge, Kabini

Kabini is a magnificent jungle in Karnataka, a personal favourite too. And my first trip in nine months was to Kabini and I could not have been happier. My destination was KAAV, a quaint property that seamlessly merges with the jungle. The serene environs of the Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary, make a perfect backdrop for Kaav… Read More KAAV Safari Lodge, Kabini