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The coronavirus induced pandemic is bringing the role of pets as a support system to the limelight.

Petcare has evolved in India from just getting a dog to guard your home to getting a dog to guard your heart. India will be home to 31.41 million pet dogs by the time we reach 2023 as per Statista – The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies. Today there are new-age pet parents who are treating their pets like family, understanding their pets for who they are, giving them the kind of love and care that helps them thrive.

Rashi Narang, Founder & Creative Director, Heads Up For Tails .jpg
Rashi Narang, Founder & Creative Director, Heads Up For Tails .jpg

While Indians traditionally always preferred to choose dogs as pets, there is slow acceptance of cats as well. Micro families are increasingly looking to extend their pack family through pet adoption.

Pet parents have started to observe their pets closely and recognize that their pets have unique traits as well as personality. Apart from cats and dogs, new age pets like birds, rabbits, hamsters are becoming popular. The pandemic induced lockdown has meant that more pets found homes during this time.

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