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Pigmentation Woes

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Darkened skin or hyper pigmentation is an issue that is quite common and can be addressed as well.

Hyper pigmentation is the appearance of dark-spots or dark patches on the surface of the skin due to the over-production of melanin which gets triggered because of an under-lying condition like sun-damage, acne, or wounds.

The appearance of pigmentation is a sign that the skin is going through damage and is over-working its defense mechanism, and sun-exposure being the most common cause for pigmentation, using SPF regularly is the most effective way of controlling pigmentation.

Moreover, treating your acne right is extremely important. Using serums with liquorice, turmeric, and lactic acid will be helpful in not just treating acne but also ensuring not creating a wound, injury or stressing the skin.

Overall, melanin can be controlled by inhibiting the production of tyrosinase (an enzyme that plays a vital role in production of melanin). Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Liquorice are some commonly used examples in skincare to suppress tyrosinase.

DIY should be used with a lot of caution as they can do more damage than good if used carelessly. The safest way to incorporate DIY to control pigmentation is yoghurt! This is because it is rich in lactic acid and helps exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells.

Hyper-pigmentation is a sign that the skin has been put into destress and is trying to defend itself. Therefore, it is essential that we don’t go overboard on actives and further stress the skin. Use gentle products, and use intentional low percent actives to see visible, sustainable results. And of course, there is really no replacement for sunscreen, it needs to be used everyday.

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