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Plus Sized Clothing

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Plus Size Clothing is making fashion inclusive for all without discriminating on the basis of size and is hence finding its own calling.

An Alchemy Market Research Report says that global plus size women’s clothing market size was estimated at USD 181.07 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR 4.6% every year from 2019-2028. Other reports say that the plus size market in India has a 12 percent share of the overall fashion segment and is projected to grow at 25 percent per annum for the next 5 years. Plus size consumers constitute about 67 per cent of the population generating around USD 21 billion in annual sales.

Today people are becoming comfortable with the way they look, and clothes are being made for all body types. Also, as people are loving their bodies the way it is, many apparel makers are working to create a garment that fits you perfectly.

The response to plus size clothes is undoubtedly great as people with plus size bodies are also able to enjoy a variety of options that were not available to them so easily. They are getting all kinds of looks that they are looking for. Eliminating this pre-conceived notion of what one can wear and what one cannot depending on their size is what is helping everyone gain acceptance of their true self. It is now a shopping spree for every individual without being conscious or pressurized about their appearance. Unfortunately, earlier there weren’t many options for plus size clothing, but now more brands are becoming inclusive in terms of sizes and drawing a parallel to all the new trends seen in general.

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