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Going Green


Bhu:sattva is a brand which has ‘started green’ instead of ‘going green’. The idea was to inculcate ethics and sustainability in the entire supply chain and thus, come up with a fair trade concept. The supply chain is strengthened by the backward integration
ensured by the core designing team and the artisans. “In the organic clothing industry, the preamble to organic farming has been aimed at conservation and optimised utilisation of all natural resources. Takers of organic cotton are very few and the farmers have to bear the brunt of this. Moreover, Bhu:sattva offers classic clothing that is eco-friendly
and lasts longer. The brand strongly avoids fast fashion which represents the mass market where goods are sold at throwaway prices. When you buy cheap outfits, know that the hands instrumental in creating them are being paid much less than they deserve. Direct purchases by Bhu:sattva encourage farmers to cultivate organic cotton and also provides them with a livelihood they deserve,” explains Jainam Shah, Managing Director, Bhu:sattva. “The brand also promotes the use of herbs with renowned medicinal properties to colour its garments. These natural colours help in rejuvenating the skin of the user rather than causing harm, like artificial colours do. Moreover, Bhu:sattva strives to revive the famous art forms of various regions of India. It is not only a way of giving our customers the best, but also an attempt to give the makers what they deserve—economic and social uplift ment. Bhu:sattva brings these art forms to the international platform by blending them with contemporary fashion,” adds Shah.


Bhu:sattva, meaning the essence of the earth, is giving back to nature and attempting to create a sustainable lifestyle. “The preservation and nurturing of our planet is no different from aspiring for a good life for ourselves and there is no good life without a good planet; the only thing required is our inclusive consciousness. Presently, we have the necessary technology, resources and capability to address every issue on the planet. Thus, Bhu:sattva
has brought to the world an indomitable spectrum of organic garments without exposing them to the vagaries of synthetic productions,” says Shah. What sets Bhu:sattva apart is that it blends fibres of natural origin such as banana, milk protein, soya bean, pineapple,
bamboo, etc., with organic cotton and silk. This makes the garment highly functional in nature as every fibre on Earth has significant properties.

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