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Protecting Buffer Zones

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India has a great variety of forests that enjoy legal protection but it is the areas that are outside the forest that need attention as well.

On a recent visit to Goa, to a jungle based property called Nature’s Nest, I came across some well meaning conservation issues that were being addressed by the property. Through their venture, Planet Life Foundation, this team is using two ways to monitor and create a database of species outside the core forest areas.

While one of their projects has been to create waterholes (refilled daily) that are now frequented by birds and animals, they also monitor nocturnal animals and birds in the region on their night safaris.

Goa’s vibrant forests are home to some endemic species like the flying squirrel that is an absolute stunner as it glides as it moves from one tree to the other. This is also where I spotted the stunning slender loris, the smallest primate in India.

The team regularly visits and makes a note of all their sightings and have a database of the location and kind of sightings they see. This serves two purposes, guests who can be involved in the same through their night safaris and for the team to make their recordings of these sightings.

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