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Pure & Sure Organic Café Bengaluru

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The Organic Life

A meal at the newly opened Pure & Sure Organic Café is light, refreshing and full of good health as each ingredient is organic.

Located on a busy street in Jayanagar, Pure & Sure Organic Café has a feel good vibe as soon as you enter inside. Set up by Phalada Agro Research Foundation, a leader in organic products market in India that markets its products under the Pure & Sure brand name has started this café cum store where you can also buy a whole range of products from the brand, all of which are used to make the dishes in the café. The décor is contemporary chic with simple wood and metal furniture furnished with grey and blue cushions, interesting light fixtures and an abundance of potted plants that add a touch of colour. The café has been setup Chef Tanvi Chandan, a partner at Pineapple Inc. The specialty of this delightful cafe is that each ingredient has been sowed, nurtured, harvested and delivered to the kitchen. The restaurant has a farm-to-fork model that ensures what you eat is pure food without additives, adulteration and chemicals. Serving pure vegetarian fare, the menu is quite extensive and there are vegan, Jain, gluten free and chef special options marked specifically.

Pure and Sure Citrus Salad
Pure and Sure Citrus Salad

The all-day breakfast has some interesting options like the jackfruit kheema that is served with bakery fenugreek kulcha or ragi dosa as well as a beetroot and coconut upma. You can start your meal with a range of refreshing juices like detox juice a mix of beetroot, carrot, celery and orange juice or the avocado and moringa smoothie. In fact there are several unique drinks to choose from including hot drinks like ginger, turmeric and coconut latte and peanut butter latte. Soup choices like Zucchini olive oil spinach cucumber and Mango sweet potato coconut and turmeric are good options to try. For starters I recommend you try the ‘Namma Chip and Dip Platter’ that has beetroot and moringa hummus, quinoa and chickpea hummus, green chutney, toasted garlic dip , naan  bread, lavash, chakli and nippat. I also suggest you try the sweet potato wedges with chilli seasoning that is served with roasted garlic yoghurt dip and ketchup, a healthy twist to the regular fries that is far tastier too. The Pure and Sure citrus salad is for health watchers and is a delightful mix of lettuce greens, pomegranate, orange, mint, quinoa, onions, beetroot, cucumber and walnuts in an apple cider dressing.

Jackfruit Kheema
Jackfruit Kheema

For the main course you can try the open face burger that interestingly has no patty in between but an avocado guacamole spread and served with crunchy salad and sweet potato fries. Also try the Mediterranean grilled vegetables sandwich that has a huge filling of vegetables, pesto and red bell pepper spread in a multi grain bread that is very filling. You can also choose to make your own pasta by selecting the kind of pasta (a millet pasta is available), choice of farm fresh vegetables and choice of topping (toasted quinoa seeds, roasted chia seeds, moringa powder, sunflower, flax or pumpkin seeds). The menu also has a range of stir fries and the stir fried vegetables with mixed fried rice is a great option for its simple and subtle flavours. Again, the portion sizes are very generous so order accordingly. If you are confused with the options, the thaali is a great choice as it comes with bakery kulcha, multi millet biryani rice, raita, a bowl of sabji, bowl of dal, salad, multi-millet kheer and chalki/nippat. You can also sample millet dishes like multi millet khichdi, multi millet kheer and multi millet bisi bele bath here. To end your meal on a sweet note, try the banana walnut cake and fresh fruits on granola tart and you are sure to be transported to culinary heaven. If you ever had a doubt that healthy food is not tasty, this place is sure to change that notion.

Avocado and moringa smoothie
Avocado and moringa smoothie
  • Address: #43, Shapur Arcade, 27th Cross, 7th Main Road, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru 560011.
  • Tel: +91 9900039403 for reservation
  • Meal for two: Rs. 750++
  • Timing: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Our pick: Thaali

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