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Purvi Shah Designed Home

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This South Mumbai home is an ode to the eclectic taste of its owners and is designed by Purvi Shah Interiors.

This 2500 sq ft home in South Mumbai belongs to a sexagenarian couple who wanted a home that reflected their taste in travel and yet kept a balance between contemporary and tradition. With one apartment on each floor, the home is as personal as it can get.

Pastel hued kitchen by Purvi Shah
Pastel hued kitchen by Purvi Shah

Aptly called the ‘House on the Hill’, this is a three bedroom home located on Worli Hill and the homeowners wanted this as a space to showcase their artefacts, paintings, and furniture pieces that they had collected in the past.

All the materials blend with the pastels and that ensures this home merges the old and the new seamlessly to create a unique character.

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