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Ranjana Gupta

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Ranjana Gupta, 55, born in Bihar, grew up in Delhi, has lived all over India is a lawyer by profession who has an artistic side as well.

A self-confessed blessed and spiritual person she says that her job involves keeping her emotions aside. For someone who wanted to become a criminal lawyer, she says that her honesty made her choose civil and corporate law.

Her husband Ajay Gupta who she credits as her best friend and partner, is also the reason she learnt to cook and says he has been her strongest cheerleader. After she moved to Dubai she started as a litigating lawyer and would appear in courts.

It was around this time that she started discovering more about herself and noticed her house was quite bare and that’s when she started flirting with colours.

As far as jewelry is concerned, she collects silver jewelry and makes jewelry out of Rudra beads, seeds.

Ranjana loves adventure and has done skydiving and says she wants to help people emotionally and financially.

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