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Redevelopment of Cubbon Park – a review

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With Rs 40 crore being sanctioned to redevelop Cubbon Park under the smart city project, citizens are divided on the need to interfere in the lung space.

Cubbon Park was created as a 100-acre park in 1870 by Major General Richard Sankey and now covers close to 300 acres making it the largest park in the city. The park a favourite with morning walkers and joggers is once again the news for a redevelopment project worth Rs 40 crore. As part of the approved smart city proposal for Bangalore, the redevelopment of Cubbon Park has been proposed in four phases. Phase one that has a total project cost of Rs. 20 crores involves the redevelopment of pathways, improvement of existing footpath within the park with BS Slab, designated cycle track marked on existing roads and designated jogging tracks. New Jogging tracks and a nature trail are part of the second phase. In Phase 3, rejuvenation of the ponds, improvement to pigeon feeding, bird watching, angling and adventure activities have been listed while phase 4 will have benches, shaded spaces, smart solid waste dustbins, picnic table and sunken seating. However, the key question that came up in the recent public debate was the actual need for redevelopment. 

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