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Responsible Advertising by Celebrities

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Celebrities are routinely pulled up for endorsing products that thy do not believe in. Now that is all set to change as there will be more stringent guidelines including fines that can put them in the dock.

The Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India has notified guidelines that specify due diligence to be carried out by celebrities when endorsing brands.

Things are now set to change as the industry body Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has come up with a set of guidelines when it comes to celebrity-led advertisements that includes fines of upto Rs. 10 lakhs for misleading advertisements. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has said that no prominent personalities or celebrities from the field of entertainment or sports, should endorse crypto products.

This is more critical when it comes to products that have an adverse effect on health. There should also be some degree of relevance. As a wild example, a diabetic celebrity endorsing a chocolate, or a 30-something promoting coaching classes should be seriously questioned.  

Setting the guidelines will encourage celebrities to actively think about what and who they want to support, giving us a glimpse into their thought process, and overall help brands and consumers to see a better narrative in the long run.

The whole reason for brands or companies to rope in a celebrity is to amplify their message through them because they have good reach, can spread the message, and can influence a huge fan base that they enjoy.

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