Reverse Diabetes with LiveAltLife

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LiveAltlife, a Bangalore based provider of holistic solutions enables people to reverse their Diabetes and other lifestyle conditions.

Started by Vivek Subramanyam, CEO and Co-founder, LiveAltlife helps people fight and overcome their condition through a one-stop solution that includes therapeutic food delivery, curated fitness routines, mindful stress management, predictive medical diagnostics and expert consultations powered by a smart high-tech ecosystem.

Meals by LiveALtLife
Meals by LiveALtLife

LiveAltlife’s has a Health Restore 90 program that focuses on holistic wellness over a 90-day period. They also have Health Restore 30, Gut Revive and Immunity Revive programs as well. LiveAltlife’s NutriSmart AI ensures Precision Nutrition that drives positive health outcomes.

Read the full story that first appeared on Hashtag Magazine’s April 2021 issue here:

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