Review of Seventh Heaven Spa at Clarks Exotica

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Seventh Heaven Spa 1

Located close to the international airport on the outskirts of Bengaluru is the Clarks Exotica Convention, Resort and Spa. An oasis away from the hustle and bustle if the city this is set amidst 70 acres of greenery. In the midst of this is the Seventh Heaven Spa. Based on the concept of serenity and tranquillity, the seventh heaven spa has an apt name. Set amidst beautiful landscaping, this is a huge spa spread over 11000 square feet and is expansive to say in the least. With an ambience that reflects calmness this space offers masso-therapy, international standard steam sauna and more. All the therapists at Seventh Heaven are professional qualified and have several years of experience and are trained to listen to their guests. Some of the Signature therapies include Classical Swedish, Seventh Heaven Balinese Magic, Seventh Heaven Sports, Seventh Heaven Thai Massage, Aromatic Delight and Chinese Reflexology. Some of the royal ritual packages include – Javanese Mandi Lulur, Balinese Boreh and the Marma body Mind and spirit massage. Popular with couples, this also has packages for couples including the Adam and Eve Serenity and the Massotherapy treatment. The Seventh Heaven Ayurvedic rituals include a range f treatments to revive your inner energies. There are also a range of treatments offered including the Seventh Heaven Express Revive, Seventh Heaven Skin care treatments, Signature face therapies, Hydro Indulgence and more.

Seventh Heaven Spa

Bali Calling

From the range of signature treatments, I was advised to try the Seventh Heaven Balinese Magic by the spa manager Lilly. The first thing you need to do is to fill in a pre consultation form that asks you to specify your health conditions so that the therapist can decide on the method and duration of some of the activities as part of the treatment. The treatment can be done for 60 minutes (Rs. 3000+ Taxes) or for 90 minutes (Rs 3800 +Taxes). This is a traditional village massage that uses aromatic oils with combination of acupressure and skin rolling movements to improve blood circulation, relax the body and restore balance. My masseur Elli leads me to the changing room and gives me a robe to change into. “Do keep your bag and phone in the locker here, we would like you to relax” she advices me. So I heed and after changing am led to my treatment room. Done up in hues of beige and cream, the room is large and has a wall that runs along with muted lighting and figurines of fish and storks. Elli tells me to lie face down and covers me up with a towel enquiring if the music level and temperature are conducive. She also asks me if there are specific parts of the body she would like me to concentrate upon and finds out the kind of pressure level and begins the therapy. The massage starts with the back and using her thumbs and hands in tandem, she applies the aromatic oil and smoothens all the frayed nerves. Soon she massages my legs and hands and asks me to turn over and completes the massage. You have a choice to opt for a head massage, with or without oil as well. The strokes used are a combination of stretches, pulling and pushing techniques that relax all the muscles of the body. At the end of the massage I felt light and relaxed. I was asked to lie down for 5 minutes while the steam was readied. I was advised to take the steam for 5 minutes and take a shower after that. After I changed and came outside, I was offered a cup of piping hot green tea and I felt both rejuvenated and refreshed after the same. Naturally my feedback had one word – excellent. A great way to detox, this is the treatment to try in Seventh Heaven spa, it makes you feel like you are in one!

Fact File

Name of the spa: Seventh Heaven Spa, Clarks Exotica

Established: 2007

Founder: Mr. Ronald Colaco

Architect: Mr. Rajesh Mahan

Size (in square feet): 11280 square feet

Treatment Rooms: 14

Number of Aestheticians: 9

Timings: 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM

Contact: Lilly Bernad Serrao |

Address: Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa, Swiss Town, Hollywood Junction, Sadahalli post, Devanahalli Road, Bangalore- 562110


This story appeared in the June 2017 issue of Style Speak magazine here: SS june 2017 (124-125)

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