Review spa at Ayatana Coorg

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A spa experience at The Wilderness Spa at Ayatana Coorg, is the best way to experience wellness in the post COVID era.

Set amidst verdant greens, away from civilization (read very limited to no mobile connectivity), Ayatana Coorg is nestled amidst a forest area which makes it unusual as most resorts here are found overlooking coffee estates. This along with a natural waterfall, endless melody of bird song and cicadas within the premises, makes this an ideal setting to relax and recharge.

Spa room at Ayatana Coorg
Spa room at Ayatana Coorg

The in-house Wilderness spa has four treatment rooms and is spread over 1500 square feet which gives you the added space, essential in these times.

The spa rooms are furnished with a spa bed and have an attached bathroom as well. I was recommended the relaxing Swedish massage when I told the staff that I wanted a light pressure.

Read the full review that first appeared in Style Speak Magazine’s Nov 2021 issue here:

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