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Role of Information Technology in Hospitality

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Hoteliers are increasingly using information and communication technology (ICT) as a tool for increasing efficiency and enhancing customer service.

Using information technology as a tool for increasing efficiency and enhancing customer service is something the hospitality industry has been doing for a while. By leveraging IT, businesses in this sector can gain numerous benefits that help them stay competitive and improve operations.

This includes improving customer service by providing personalized experiences, streamlining processes such as bookings, check-in, and check-out and increasing the accuracy of data management and analytics. This also helps to enhance communication between staff and customers and boost productivity through efficient automation.

Information Technology plays a significant role in hotels. It automates and streamlines their daily processes across departments, reduces manual intervention, minimizes errors, improves efficiency, and saves time and costs. Not only this but with the right technology solutions, hotels can even sell more rooms and drive growth. Moreover, it empowers hotels to serve guests with personalized services to enhance their experiences.

A hotel group can manage reservations across all its member properties with a Central Reservation Office (CRO) tool. It can keep track of availability across the group and enables the hotel’s central office staff to process the booking as per the guest’s requirement. It also empowers the hotel to manage bookings from travel agents and corporate clients.

Another area of automation is online distribution. A Hotel PMS and Channel Manager solution can ensure the real-time update of rooms and rates across OTAs and other online sales channels. This eliminates overbookings and helps hotels minimize the loss of business opportunities. Most importantly, it improves the hotel’s online visibility and thus generates more sales.

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