Rooftop by Kartik Gaggar

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Rooftop is a community-driven art experiences marketplace App that makes traditional Indian art forms accessible to the world.

Kartik Gaggar, CEO & Founder, Rooftop is the brain behind this app that is a one-stop destination for all art needs, which is bridging the gap between Indian artisans and art lovers all over the world. This first-of-its-kind art technology company endeavours to curate art and recreational activities based on traditional art.

I went to Jaipur on an invitation from the Rooftop team and had the opportunity to understand how Rooftop works and also attended two master classes.

Rooftop Classes
Rooftop Classes

Sai Kiran who is a fourth generation Cheriyal Painting artist who has been carrying forward the legacy of Nakashi art. Having incurred this skill from his father, Sai Kiran is now extensively involved in experimenting with the traditional art of Nakasi with contemporary concepts.

Pravin Mhase hails from the family of the only Padma Shri awardee artist Late Jivya Mhase. Being young
and dynamic in nature, Pravin brings fresh energy and modern ideas into this ethnic tribal art of India, Warli.

Both the masterclasses I attended were interactive and good fun especially making these art forms accessible and inclusive to anyone who wants to learn or even understand about the art form.

I even had the opportunity to visit two senior artists – miniature painting artist Virendra Bannu and fresco artist Bhawani Shankar Sharma.

In all this is an immersive art experience that I highly recommend you try on your next visit to Jaipur. It will open your eyes to a brand new perspective with an art edge.

Read the full story of Rooftop that first appeared in Hash#ag Magazine’s July 2023 issue here:

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