Rose or Pink Chocolates

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Chocolates go Pink

Ruby chocolates are the newest rage that is changing the way chocolates will be perceived going forward.

Say chocolate and you are probably thinking – dark, milk and white. Well time to think again. Wondering why? Well, it has been 80 years since white chocolate was introduced to join milk and dark chocolate and now after years of research and development, we have a new colour that can also describe chocolates – pink.

Ruby Rules

When you eat a ruby chocolate you know instantly this is nothing like the other chocolates you have eaten. Well for one, this chocolate has a characteristic sour tangy taste that hits your taste buds rather than the sweetness of regular chocolate. Ruby chocolate happens to be the result of more than a decade’s work by Barry Callebaut. Interestingly, the unique thing about ruby chocolate is that it is made naturally, without artificial colours, flavours or additives. The alluring pink colour of the chocolate is courtesy the ruby cocoa beans, which are grown in Brazil, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast. These chocolates have a slightly tangy berry-fruit flavour and a luscious, creamy texture that is a delight to the senses. “Ruby is named after the dusty-pink colour that is naturally occurring and derives from the fermentation process of this particular variety of cocoa beans. Fermentation helps in developing the colour and aroma of the cocoa beans prior to sun-drying, cleaning, roasting and processing into chocolate,” say Nivedita & Uma, Co-Founders, Chocolate Philosophy. The CEO of Barry Callebaut AG, De Saint-Affrique says that the unusual color comes from the powder extracted during processing and no berries or colours are added.

Flavour Fix

Ruby chocolates pair well with a lot of spices, fruits and nuts – vanilla, ginger, mint, passion fruit, Lychee, apricot, almonds hazelnuts, green tea and coffee to mention a few. Anuj Rustagi, Chief Operating Officer, Chocolate, Coffee and New Categories – Food Division, ITC Limited says, “each chocolate has its own flavour and contrasting texture and taste works well when it comes to pairings. The perfect chocolate pairing is one where the flavours do not overpower each other, rather complement each other. Indian palette has a liking for the nutty flavours. That is the reason why Gianduja does very well and was the preferred chocolate creation to infuse ruby chocolate into to create Fabelle Ruby Gianduja.” Gianduja is an Italian delicacy from the Napoleon era. Ruby pairs naturally well with red fruits like strawberries, raspberries, cherries, yellow and black red currents, blueberries and blackberries. One can also pair Ruby chocolate with citrus fruits like, orange, mandarin, lemon, pink grape fruit, lime and caviar lemon. Some exotic fruits that also make for interesting combinations are coconut, passion fruit, mango, litchi and pineapple. “Some surprising eccentric combinations of fruits that suit well with ruby chocolates are apple, plum, peach and apricot. Vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, potato, tomato, red pepper, sweet potato and cauliflower can also be paired,” says Rustagi. Ruby chocolates are an excellent option for gifting as an exclusive gift, given its exquisite taste and gift worthiness. So add a pink twist to your chocolates and feel the magic unfold.

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