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Runner Groups in Bangalore

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Runners groups in the city are ensuring that Bangalore’s denizens have a great way to stay fit.

Health in your Hands

The Trail Blazers is a Bangalore based runners group that encourages people to get fit in a healthy and natural way. Concerned by the fact that people in their 20s are becoming probe to lifestyle diseases, the group wants to shake people from their sedentary lifestyles. The group encourages people to be fit the right way without expensive weight loss programs or medication. Their mantra is simple – “Prevention is better than cure” and they what people to get fit by making them run every morning. Look up

Juggernaut Roll

Jayanagar Jaguars started by Coach Pramod Deshpande with his friends is Bangalore’s largest running group with over 500 plus members. They have a beginner level program called the Run 2 Fitness (R2F) that helps you get fit through running. There is also the and Run Your First Marathon (RYFM) where you can choose from different marathons like the 10K, half marathons, full marathons and if you are up to it, the ultramarathons. They have branches in Vijaynagar, Hebbal, Indiranagar, Kanakpura, HSR Layout and Whitefield as well. Look up

Social Run

Bangalore Hash is a runners group that mixes socializing with exercise. Their name Hash is a run held in the open countryside and is meant for everyone irrespective of ae or fitness levels. Post the run the team gathers to celebrate with food, beer and sometimes singing. While the team calls themselves ‘drinking clubs with a running problem’ you really to not need to drink but a sense of humour will help. Participation in these runs is against a fee that you can pay online as well. Look up

High Five

Running with a cause is what Runner’s High is all about. Started by Santhosh Padmanabhan the mission of the group is “to strive to assist members of the community in their eternal quest to reach their true potential – physically, mentally and spiritually, in a holistic, sustainable and enjoyable manner”. They have a slew of training programs from beginners to expert runners and also train runners on Half Marathons, Full Marathons and Ultra marathons while being free of injury too. Their training programs are holistic and focus on improving lung capacity, endurance and muscle strength. Look up

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