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Sanitaryware in India

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The fast-paced urbanization in India has driven consumers to seek intelligent and user-friendly sanitary products that enhance the convenience of daily routines, offering features such as water conservation and hassle-free installation during renovation projects.

A notable shift towards intelligent functionality is taking center stage in sanitaryware. Sensor-activated faucets and touchless flush systems are streamlining hygiene practices while also conserving water resources. The integration of heated toilet seats with adjustable settings caters to individual comfort preferences, marking a departure from conventional fixtures. Furthermore, the surge in demand for personalised experiences has led to a surge in customizable solutions. FIMA India, with our new sanitaryware colour collection, offer a spectrum of colours, ranging from pastels to matte black, allowing users to curate spaces that mirror their unique design sensibilities. This customisation extends beyond aesthetics; shapes and sizes are now adaptable, ensuring that every fixture seamlessly integrates into the overall vision of a bath space. This emphasis on customisation is redefining the relationship between the user and their environment, transforming bathrooms into personalised sanctuaries of comfort and style.

Porcelain made from recycled content and bamboo-based finishes are becoming prevalent, reducing the environmental impact of production. We are also adopting closed-loop manufacturing processes, minimising waste, and energy consumption. Further, advanced filtration systems in faucets contribute to reducing water wastage, aligning with the broader commitment to eco-friendly practices.


  • The VitrA Liquid collection is designed to stand the test of time; the Liquid collection provides a vision for the bathroom of tomorrow, defining a new standard in bathroom products for home, hospitality, and commercial spaces. Together, both the Plural and Liquid collections offer an exciting departure from conventional bathroom design while providing a touch of elegance and functionality to modern living spaces.
  • Playful-colourful bathroom faucets are taking over in 2023. Coloured faucets can add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom and are designed to complement any space. They are easy to install, and the main body of the mixers is made of brass, ensuring solid durability, further underpinned by the reassurance of a 10-year guarantee. VitrA faucets are available in chrome, copper, gold, matt black and brushed nickel and will instantly uplift your bathroom decor. Whether one is seeking something valuable or wants to add elegance to their bathrooms, VitrA faucets are for sure an impeccable investment for your space. The VitrA faucet line includes Suit, Root, and Origin; now you can express your style in your bathroom with VitrA’s bold and colourful faucets.
  • The design approach of VitrA is shaped by a determination to reduce individual water consumption with smartly designed products. WC pans, urinals, and faucets developed by the brand save over 190 tons of water per house in a year at the end-user level, ensuring significant reductions in power consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Water-saving: Developed by VitrA with special bowl structures and low-flow internal mechanisms, the 2.5/4 L water-conserving WC pan provides efficient flushing with less water and is certified for the lowest water consumption by EU standards.
  • Green building certification: These products fulfil green building certification (LEED, BREEAM, and DGNB) criteria with their environmentally-friendly features including lower environmental footprint, water, conservation, and the use of local materials, as well as life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental product declaration (EPD) and sustainable forestry (FSC), certificates. They are recommended for projects aiming for green building certification.
  • VitrA is driven continuously to innovate, creating new, purpose-led products and sustainable technologies. VitrA sanitaryware weds modern technology to cutting-edge design, to create a serene oasis of luxurious pampering and superior hygiene.
Courtesy FIMA
Courtesy FIMA


  • The Purewash Electronic Seat is a game-changer in the realm of bathroom comfort and hygiene. It’s designed to reinvigorate the user’s personal space, transforming it into the world’s smartest bathroom. With an industry-defining leading-edge product, this smart bidet seat boasts a new, ultra-slim design that blends seamlessly with any bathroom decor. Featuring a patented nozzle design technology, the Purewash Electronic Seat ensures unparalleled precision and hygiene, taking it to the next level with touchless lid operation and a remote-controlled seat, reducing the need for physical contact. Measuring an astonishing 90mm in thickness, this bidet seat boasts a sleek, slim profile that’s 11% shorter than the industry norms. The Purewash Electronic Seat also features Bowl Pre-Mist, a first for Kohler bidet seats that provides a gentle mist on the toilet bowl as the lid opens, preventing waste and paper from sticking to the surface. The UV Sanitization feature, exclusive to Kohler automatically eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria through a daily cleaning cycle of the stainless-steel wand, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience. With 180-degree ambient lighting, the Purewash Electronic seat guides users through the bathroom at night and sets a new standard in bathroom luxury, providing unparalleled convenience.
  • Spacity, a perfect solution for modern living where maximizing every inch matters, has been designed with an aim of delivering ultimate seating comfort in compact spaces. This premium addition to Kohler’s product lineup redefines the essence of bathroom elegance and functionality, offering space-saving design, water-efficiency, and unmatched style. The skirted design of Spacity not only enhances the toilet’s appearance but also simplifies cleaning, ensuring a hygienic and low-maintenance bathroom. Spacity features a hygienic rimless design with an anti-splash ledge and boasts the industry’s lowest flush of just 3.6/2 liters, conserving up to 40% more water compared to the standard 6-liter flush.
  • Sveda Steam Lav. As the world’s first steam basin, Sveda marries modern design with innovative skincare technology, creating a new-age product that promises to elevate the skincare routines of the modern-day woman. Seamlessly blending sophisticated technology with contemporary soft natural forms, Sveda features an elegant and intricate design that transforms the bathroom into a sanctuary, effortlessly weaving facial steam into the daily skincare regimen. By incorporating Sveda steam basin as a part of their skincare ritual, users can improve their overall skin health as it deep cleanses pores, removes toxins and improves blood circulation, all while offering a luxurious and invigorating experience. The thoughtful design ensures that the benefits of steam can be enjoyed while standing upright, eliminating the need to bend forward. This ergonomic approach enhances user comfort and accessibility. Acknowledging the diversity of skin types, Sveda caters to both normal and sensitive skin. With built-in controllers that allow users to tailor the intensity of the facial steam to their specific needs, Sveda offers a personalized skincare experience.
  • One noteworthy addition to Kohler’s product lineup is Reach Eco, a solution tailored to the demands of modern living where maximizing every inch of space is essential. Reach Eco’s hygienic rimless design, complete with an anti-splash ledge, showcases one of the most water-conserving flush, using just 3.6/2 liters, conserving up to 40% more water compared to the standard 6-liter flush.

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