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Sarita Handa’s new collection

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Sarita Handa’s eponymous home design brand has a new collection of artefacts and artisanal vases that pay a tribute to the timeless and indigenous art forms of India.

Curated by Capt. Rahul Puri, Executive Director, Sarita Handa, who is a passionate collector of classic and vintage décor, it is his keen eye and deep-rooted research that forms the inspiration for the two diametrically different collections.

Stone Buddha Head by Sarita Handa
Stone Buddha Head by Sarita Handa

The current collections pay homage to the cultures of Nagaland, Gujarat, Maharashtra and the southern states and the collectables come in metal, wood, marble, and brass. The other new collection of pottery and ceramics vases has an undefined, unstructured, and raw look.

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