Saving the Pygmy Hog

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The world’s smallest pig, the Pygmy Hog has found a new lease of life after being pushed to the brink of extinction.

Porcula salvania or Pygmy hog is the smallest and the rarest member of the pig family and is found in some part of Manas National Park, Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuaries, RG Orang National Park and Sonai-Rupai Wildlife Sanctuaries in Assam in India. It is one of the unique mammals that builds a home to live in and has been listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and captive breeding has helped increase its dwindling numbers.

Trisha Ghose, Project Director, The Habitats Trust
Trisha Ghose, Project Director, The Habitats Trust

Did you know that there is a breed of pig that can fit in your palm? Well, as strange as that sounds, there is a species that is a mere 10-inches tall and this is the Pygmy Hog. The tiny animal however is critically endangered as it is losing its habitat. However, there is a ray of hope now as Aaranyak, an environment and conservation organization has stepped in to help. With a mission to protect the Eastern Himalayan biodiversity hotspots using legal and policy research for biodiversity management, Aaranyak has helped ensure that the numbers of the pygmy hog are rising.

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