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Savita Nagpal, Founder, FourThirty

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Snacking in the evening, especially when it is 4:30 is something most people can relate to. However, the snacking options available are all largely unhealthy. Therefore, Savita Nagpal started  FourThirty  a home-run start-up based in Mumbai to give people options for healthy bites including exotic flavoured makhanas, delicious crackers baked in gluten-free flour, trail mixes and more.

FourThirty has a delicious product portfolio that includes savoury munchies, jowar pops, amaranth crackers, lavash, bhel, trail mixes and biscotti. Founded by Savita Nagpal, the venture is supported by her daughters Yatika and Jhalak.

As of now 90% of the sales is through the website and the balance through WhatsApp and corporate orders. As a clean and healthy snacking brand, FourThirty does not use sugar or preservatives and is a homemade product made in small batches. The seasoning and masala that goes into the snacks are also made by Savita.

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    Since 4:30 snacks are Quality
    Oriented with Unique ideas,
    home made, quality ingredients,
    varieties of products, hygienic,
    good service.

    Sure 4:30 snacks will be one of the top snack companies in short period.

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