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Shaily Sanghvi Interview

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Shaily Sanghvi, an acclaimed Indian filmmaker who is on is on a mission to elevate India’s standing on the global cinematic stage.

Shaily, the Writer-Director-Producer is based In Los Angeles. With her exceptional talent and passion, Shaily has already conquered Hollywood, and now she envisions making her beloved homeland, India, shine even brighter in the international film arena. Having honed her creative finesse with prestigious production houses in India, Shaily’s journey to the heart of Hollywood has been a whirlwind of success. Her masterpiece ‘Pirouette’ garnered acclaim and accolades, including the Best Drama award at the prestigious Synergy Film Festival 2022, alongside her well-deserved recognition as Best Female Director, along with other Nominations and Awards.

Shaily Sanghvi
Shaily Sanghvi

Shaily wants her films to be a blend of cultures just like her. She is currently working on the post production of three of her films and hopes to send them to various film festivals as well. Few of her past works are: I Got You, Pirouette, Alive, Haze Grey, Daffodils, ‘You Belong With Me, Video Call, The Grass is Greener.

Shaily’s artistic brilliance aims to celebrate the diverse colors of India and showcase its vibrancy to the world. She ardently believes that by uniting Hollywood and Indian cinema, she can uplift India’s recognition at a global level. Her relentless pursuit of storytelling excellence is an ode to her roots, an effort to make India proud while enthralling audiences worldwide.

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