Sharjah’s Classic Car Museum

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When I was invited to the Sharjah Light Festival in February this year I was sent an itinerary of the places that would be showcased. Of all the places listed, one thing that caught my eye was the Classic Car Museum. Being an automobile fan, my interest was piqued immediately and I was looking forward to the visit. However, on arrival the itinerary changed and soon the Classic Car Museum was no longer part of the tour. To be honest this left me quite disappointed but luckily we had half a day free and the Sharjah Tourism Board’s helpful representative Majid decided to oblige us by organizing a tour to the museum.


The museum gives you a precursor of what to expect inside within its exterior precincts itself. I saw this red car perched atop iron rods and a host of cars lined up neatly one behind the other amidst the manicured landscape outside.


Stepping in I was blown away with the rows and rows of cars neatly arranged per the year of manufacture. In fact the museum layout has four distinct zones that trace the history of automobiles in that specific time. The fifth zone is reserved for community favourites. The sections are:

1915-1939: Early Autos

1940-1959: The Automobile Redefined

1960-1987: New heights of innovation

The Large Vehicles and UAE Motoring section


As you walk around the place it is hard to miss the large informative boards on the walls that describe the cars and their make in much detail. There is also an interactive section here you can actually see how the engine works as well as pose with a vintage car. there is also a children;s section with interactive games for children as well. A truck converted into a mini canteen sells drinks and small bites too. if you love automobiles do not miss this place, it is well maintained and a storehouse of information. And even if you are not an auto fan this place will never disappoint. And to make my experience more enjoyable I also spotted a hoopoe bird outside the premises – could not have asked for more!


Read more about the museum here. This post was part of my visit to Sharjah thanks to Sharjah Tourism Board and Air Arabia.

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