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Shreya Ramachandran – Water Warrior

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Shreya Ramachandran, a senior student at American High School in Fremont, California is creating a more sustainable water future through The Grey Water Project.

A young college student, Shreya Ramachandran is just 17 but unlike most children of her age, is working on her passion for science and the environment to help in water conservation by reusing grey water.

Shreya Ramachandran
Shreya Ramachandran

Her goal with her research was to find a way to reuse grey water from irrigation. Approximately 60% of the used water in a home is grey water, so reusing grey water for outdoor purposes would save large amounts of water. She conducts workshops and presentations for local, national and international audiences in order to demystify grey water reuse and encourage people to act.

Read the full story that first appeared in Seema Magazine’s May 2021 issue here:

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