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Skin Patches

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Post pandemic as health continues to be a key focus, skin patches are becoming popular courtesy their ability to continuously monitor vital health parameters.

Skin patches are items that can be worn and are affixed to the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The electronic component entails integrating electronic features, including sensors, actuators, processors, and communication with transmitters, which enables the devices to link and become smart.

Advancement in medical science due to new technologies is a boon to humankind. Due to upgraded medical science and various electronic gadgets people can monitor their health status at home.

Electronic skin patch is ultimately thin, stretchable, and flexible wearable electronic device attached using adhesives in the user’s uppermost layer of skin.

The skin patch device comes with multiple benefits and helps in tracking one of the most occurring disorders like hypertension, diabetes by monitoring vitals of the body. It also warns COVID-19 patients who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill.

Wearable devices in cardiology practice include one skin patch like (Holter and loop recorder and another commonly used device is ambulatory bp monitoring.

A newer and premium range of skin patches are now under development which will measure heart rate ECG, and fat percentage too. The sensor can be scanned using a device or a smartphone app which shows the blood sugar level reading. These patches use a chemical which is contained in the filament to calculate the interstitial fluid glucose value.

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