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Sleep Tight – Duroflex Experience Center

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Being well rested and ensuring that your spine is relaxed when you sleep is an important element that Duroflex is seeking to address in the backdrop of World Spinal Day on October 16.

Probably one of the most underrated aspects of health and wellness is sleep. While exercise, food and health examinations come to mind immediately, sleep is an element that is often ignored. As Homer said in The Odyssey, “there is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” And for someone who is not great at sleeping, my interest was piqued when I went to the Duroflex Experience Center, the country’s first experiential store for mattresses that recently opened its doors in Bengaluru.

Spine Support

The company has worked with National Health Academy to develop a new line of orthopedic mattresses called Duropedic which offers advanced spine support, a must in today’s chaotic urban lifestyles. “We have come to realise that sleep is so underutilized as a key aspect to wellness. Our orthopedic range came out of the fact that everyone’s stress levels are really high and lifestyle is not adding to stress. We realized that this is quite a universal problem in cities and we wanted for people to destress through sleep which is how this mattress came about,” says Mathew Chandy, Managing Director, Duroflex Pvt. Ltd. This mattress incidentally has been designed with a specific layer that supports the back.

Duroflex Experience Center (2)
Duroflex Experience Center

Experiences & More

The store also hosts the first ever Sleep Lab in addition to other exclusive services and experiences unique only to Duroflex’s experiential store all of which help customers make an informed decision regarding which mattress to buy. Privacy curtains are also built around the bed so that anyone (especially women who are not comfortable sleeping on a bed in a store to try it can also experience how the mattress feels. The store actually encourages clients to snooze for a while as they believe it is the best way to buy a product that helps you sleep. The store has the first ever Sleep Lab, where clients can understand the science behind the mattress technology. There is a tactile wall made of dowels at the store where you can stand against it and understand your body weight distribution from head to toe. “At the moment it is a very persona experience and our team asks customers a lot of questions around their lifestyle, body types and how they sleep and then pick a range of mattresses that suit their needs. Once we understand the exact issue whether it is a back issue, whether a natural product is preferred or a need for a softer mattress and also the budget constraints we suggest the mattress required. Things like the height of the bed as well as the size of the house so that the mattress fits in well. We also encourage clients to experience the mattress first hand as comfort is most important and this is where they can touch and feel and actually understand how the mattress feels,” explains Chandy.

Duroflex Experience Center
Duroflex Experience Center

Making a Difference

The product ethos is based on insights of consumer needs and a study has given inputs like the need of mattresses that are sustainable, sleep and be more relaxed, be more orthopedic and also budget friendly. Hence the company has product ranges like Energise, Duropedic, Natural Living and Essential Ranges that cater to the different needs. Heat absorption technology and anti-stress fabrics that repels negative ions from the body and reduces stress as well as using natural latex, coconut fibers and fabric infused with organic cotton makes the products unique. The store also retails protectors that protect the mattress from spillage and dust much like a mobile case that protects the mobile. The protectors are also washable so you can maintain the mattress as well. The exclusive services include free home delivery service for orders made at the store, free home visits for taking cot measurements before placing the final order and creating customized sizes as per the customer’s specific needs as well. “While we are interested in selling mattresses we are very keen to promote good sleep. Sound sleep leads to much better health and much better productivity is what we are aiming at. We have started saying that sleep is a super power as it improves your memory and makes you a nicer and happier person,” concludes Chandy. It is certainly hard to argue with that.

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