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While World Sleep Day is celebrated in March every year, it is time to turn the spotlight once again on an aspect of health that is often ignored.

During sleep, our bodies repair themselves having a healing effect on our psychological processes as well.

Lack of sleep can have significant repercussions on one’s physical and mental well-being. The weakened immune response, decrease your ability to concentrate, impair your cognitive function, increase the risk of injury and physiological ailments, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes among others.

Wakefit - Memory foam mattress
Wakefit – Memory foam mattress

Even hotels are not far behind. The ‘Sleeep Ensemble’ is placed in the ITC One room category and above, at all their luxury collection hotels. It consists of – Pillow Menu, Sleeep® Menu, Sleeep® Booklet, Eye Mask, Pillow Mist for Sound Sleep and Essential Oils for relieving Stress. Amaan Kidwai, General Manager, ITC Gardenia says, “we believe that one of the primary reasons for a guest to choose any hotel is to ensure a good night’s sleep and there isn’t a substitute for that. This is evident in the several initiatives including optimized decibel level in the room, innovative lighting such as the anti-stumble lights, the right shower pressure, Sleeep Music channel and the like.” Sleeping well is the key to good health and it is time to wake up to this.

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