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The one thing that I love about summer (otherwise my least favourite time of the year) is mangoes. Naturally when I was invited to check out a special Mango menu at SodaBottleOpenerWala at Lavelle Road in Bangalore aptly ‘Keri Nu Kraze’ my interest was piqued.

Located at one corner of the upscale Lavelle Road, the restaurant’s decor is a combination of the quirky and the quintessential and a small blue scooter on the outside as well as cycles with aluminium kettles welcomes me to the cozy to this Bombay-Irani Café.

Raw mango and papaya salad
Raw mango and papaya salad

As we settle in we are handed the summer special menu that has different items all made using different varieties of mango albeit with a Parsi twist. And yes, there are drinks too that are the perfect antidote for the hot summer heat.

As part of the ‘Keri Nu Kraze’ menu, the restaurant is showcasing Parsi cuisine with a mango twist. Choices include the Keri Kanda Par Eedu, a mix of onions and ripe mango with spices, baked with egg on top and served with Pav. There is also the Keri Chicken a Parsi style chicken curry cooked with ripe mangoes; served with Pav which was made with paneer for us, being vegetarian. I however loved the Keri Kachumbar salad made with raw mango and papaya and tossed with a tangy ‘Kolah Vinegar’ dressing. The taste is perfect with a slight tang that leaves you asking for more.

Mango Cheesecake
Mango Cheesecake

Considering that mango is known for being a great addition to drinks, there are several choices all in the form of cocktails. however if you do not drink, like me, all of these drinks work as perfect mocktails too. There are six refreshing drinks made from the finest raw and ripe handpicked mangoes that includes Mango and Raspberry Sangria, a blend of fresh mango and raspberry in white wine that can be had without the wine and makes for the perfect summer cooler. The Mango and Chilli Caiproshka has mango muddled with chilli infused vodka and mint, Raw mango martini a Tangy – blend of fresh raw mango with dry vermouth, Mango and mint Slush – Icy blend of mango and mint with white rum and the unique Raw mango and berry LIIT with raw mango and mixed berries. I recommend the Aam Panna made in the typical Mumbai style that is tangy and has a zing like no other.

Mawa Sundae
Mawa Sundae

To end your meal on a sweet note check out the Keri nu Samosa a thin pastry stuffed with a delicious mango mixture that is served with ice cream, Mango Cheesecake that has layers of baked cheesecake with fresh mango pulp and is topped with zereshk (Iranian berries). For pure indulegence try the Mawa Sundae  a mix of  mawa cake stacked with chopped mango and vanilla ice cream, topped with cream and fresh mango puree, and served in a classic Sundae glass. This is sure to fill you up.

Do visit SodaBottleOpenerWala from 10th May till 30th June 2019 to sample the special mango menu and go mangolicious!

All images courtesy SodaBottleOpenerWala. 

I was invited to SodaBottleOpenerWala for a meal but all opinions expressed are my own.

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