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Sourdough Recipes

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Sourdough is changing the way unhealthy breads are perceived as they add a touch of natural fermentation to make bread all things desirable.

Sourdough bread is a kind of bread that’s more process oriented than ingredient oriented. It simply uses wheat, salt and water as base ingredients and let’s all the wild yeasts and bacteria do the magic. Sourdough relies on natural fermentation where lactic acid bacteria ferments bread slowly and this slow process gives the bread a unique flavour profile and nutritional benefits.

The benefits include
Highly absorbable nutritients – the bacteria breaks down phytic acid found in grains amd releases the nutrients to make it easily available and better absorbable.

Lower in GI -Since the bacteria feed on the simple sugars the grains it leaves us with fewer net carbs for consumption.

Sourdough bread MAY be better digested by those with gluten sensitivity and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Sourdough Bread courtesy Caffeine Baar
Sourdough Bread courtesy Caffeine Baar

Sourdough process is not restricted to just making breads and buns it can be used to make any recipes that involves grain, you can make pizzas, pasta, noodles, pancakes, waffles, desserts like brownies, cookies, doughnuts and cakes too. This art of fermentation has always been a part of our culture with idli, dosa batters, naans bhaturas and khamiris that always involved fermentation through wild yeasts or through a culture like yogurt. Similarly we can also extend that to everyday foods like rotis and puris etc for improve the quality of our foods within reasonable means.

Here are some recipes for you to try:

  • Sourdough toast with whipped maple ricotta & caramelized summer peach courtesy Chef Varun Shahani, Chef De Partie, Jean-Georges Management
  • Avocado & Goat Cheese Toastie courtesy Chef Tejasvi Chandela, Owner, Dzurt Patisserie
  • Sourdough Nutty Banana Bread courtesy Namrata Singh, Head Nutritionist and Director, Fit with Diet
  • Walnut Olive Rye Sourdough Bread recipe courtesy Suraj Sahoo, Executive Chef, Novotel Vijayawada Varun

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