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As sanctuaries of wellness, spas are like no other and in the backdrop of the pandemic, they have assumed more importance than before.

The aesthetic and functional coexistence of the spa design concepts translate a design narrative that is inviting, indulgent and undoubtedly intriguing for the visitors. The aesthetic impulse drives the visitor to enjoy the space and its sensorial stimulation. The functional vision binds these expressions and stimulations into an existential setup that helps the space blend with the context.

Pic: Colston Bath & Spa Pvt. Ltd
Pic: Colston Bath & Spa Pvt. Ltd

Wellness is being created as a complete separate section and specialisation in design is coming of its age and time. A lot of emphasis is being given across to wellness, not just in wellness-specific properties but overall hospitality. Wellness has become an important part and feature much more than ever before.

Inclusion of crystals and calming rocks, provision of green areas and skylight for bringing in nature indoors are trending in spa design.

In recent times, the originality of the spa spaces and the wellness character is expressed by natural material palettes, locally sourced elements, and other attributes of sustainable practices.

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