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Spotlight on the humble idli

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The idli ice-cream has divided social media and initiated a huge online dialogue between food lovers on food innovation.

A recent image shared by Anand Mahindra on Twitter showed what appeared like a vanilla ice cream stick. However, it was an idli that was shaped like an ice cream bar and one such bar was dunked in a bowl of sambhar. Anand Mahindra incidentally credited the invention to “India’s innovation capital Bengaluru.” Shashi Tharoor also shared the picture and commented “absurd but practical!” Naturally the Twitterati jumped right in and offered their two cents of gyan immediately.

Idli in screwpine leaves
Idli in screwpine leaves

While Idli on a stick may not have caught everyone’s fancy, Idli was trending on Twitter for the number of reactions the concept got, both for and against it. Food innovations like Maggi in dosa, butter chicken pani puri, pav bhaji fondue and pasta idli have been other innovations that have caught the attention of netizens and the twitterati.

I spoke to several chefs and culinary experts who share their opinion whether this trend is a yay or nay.

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