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The Square All Day Dining at Novotel Hyderabad Airport

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Epicurean Delights

“I wonder what else we will be served” remarked my brother in law as we settled at our table to experience a chef special breakfast on a cold winter morning at The Square in Novotel Hyderabad Airport. A question to which I had no answer as we were surrounded by an extensive spread of food – from Indian specialties, continental fare, Asian food and a platter of salads. So the question of what else can we be served was a rather valid one. But Executive Chef Varun B and his culinary team had many surprises up their sleeves and our first course came in the form of a Quinoa Upma served in a purple cabbage leaf and Goli Bajji (a deep fried flour batter popular in Mangalore) served with the allum or ginger chutney a specialty of the region. After this came the dosa trio – Ragi Rawa Dosa, Adai Dosa and Green Peas Dosa – all melt in your mouth versions accompanied with Kokum Chutney, Coriander Till Chutney and Coconut and Tamarind chutney with assorted gun powder and Mullangi sambhar. Then we sampled the Ullundu Bonda, Cocktail Idly in Stick, Cheese Gratin Usal Pav and Mushroom Wada all washed down with a strong ginger tea and completely satisfied


Squared Off

The Square is the all-day dining space at Novotel Hyderabad Airport Hotel and easily has one of the most extensive spread of food courtesy an elaborate menu. This 124 cover restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and has a buffet and a-la-carte menu. Well laid out, there are four seating options – 80 covers on the main floor that houses the lavish buffet and live stations, 16 covers on the pool patio overlooking swimming pool that is an ideal setting for evening dinner. There are 20 covers at the alfresco area overlooking the natural terrain where the sound of the bird song is unmissable as well as the private dining area with six covers that is the best way to spend quality time bonding with family or friends and is a great option is you are celebrating a special occasion. The Square has an international menu crafted from fresh ingredients by their extensively experienced culinary team and there is something new added every day and the changing, cyclical menu means that you will always find something new here. The décor is done in muted tones – with comfortable seating in cream, grey and beige notes with colour coming in from wall accessories and cushions.


Options Galore

The best part about having a meal here is the myriad options available and you can be sure there is something for everyone in the family. There is also a separate kids menu for children upto the age of 12 which includes seasonal fresh juice, milk shakes, carved fruits served with cinnamon yogurt, ice creams and more. The restaurant also regularly does food festivals when the showcase specific cuisine like for instance Gujarati food, Street Food festival and the like. There is also a Caribbean Friday meal where you can sample specialties like Carribean Pumpkin And Chicken Soups (With Coconut Milk, Cilantro, Ginger, Chiili Powder) and Jamaican Vegetables Broth apart from Fried Sweet Potato & Beet Root With Coconut Chilli Sauce, Caribbean Grilled Chicken and more. The salads you can sample include Caribbean Chimishuri Beef Salad, Shrimp Salad With Citrus Fruits And Balsamic Dressing, Blacked Chicken Salad With Avacado Cilantro and Stuffed Egg Salad With Dill Scented Potato Mash. The extensive menu also includes mains like Jamiacan Roasted Duck With Orange Salsa, All Spiced Lamb Shanks, Caribbean Chow and Pineapple Stew And Jerk Roasted Potatoes. A special Gym Menu is also available here where you are served with wholesome options like Low calorie Sprout salad made with sprouts, onions, tomatoes, corn and coriander with lemon dressing as well as Salmon Platter, a gluten free option with Norwegian salmon served with rye crisp, onion rings and capers. Pre workout wraps like the Hummus tofu wrap (available in both veg or Non veg options) has Tofu, Hummus, lettuce, tomatoes and onions in whole wheat bread served with Hummus as well as Veg taco shells (with a chicken variant) that is a melange of zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers with Mexican herbs topped with salsa in tortillas. This apart there is an array of all day fuel sandwiches like Tofu sandwich, Grilled soya bean sandwich, Ham sandwich and Chicken tikka sandwich. Do try the healthy juice blends especially the detox drink made with carrot, beetroot, ginger with no added sugar. If you love food, the Sunday Brunch is the best way to experience a culinary journey like no other.


Tradition Calling

When I was here I was lucky to sample a special meal as well with delicacies like Peragu Wada ( a curd based fried lentil dish), Tawa Cheese Chilli, Veg Haleem ke Kebab, Subz paneer Dum Roll as well as taste the local delicacy Biryani – albeit cooked with less chilies but what I preferred as the taste was quite incredible. Side dishes like Paneer Kurchan, Aloo Methi and Dal Makhani were the perfect accompaniment to the breads served. I also suggest you sample the Delhi inspired breakfast with delicacies like Mutter poori with Bhaji, Bedmi Poori, Stuffed Bhatura with Chole masala, Mooli ajwain Paratha, Aloo payaz paratha and Methi Paneer Paratha – all made with whole wheat stuffed with traditional ingredients. Do also try the special Andhra Thali – a meal that will allow you to sample an array of local delicacies like the Dal Wada, Karvepak Annam (curry leaf rice), Brakai Kuttu (Bottle gourd curry), Cabbage Poriyal, Gongora Pappu (dal with the gongura greens), Soarakai Chutney (made with snake gourd), Pepper Rasam and Steamed Rice along with a traditional dessert called payasam. This is a meal that is wholesome and healthy too. Much like most of the food you get here – this is a restaurant that has its heart in the right place – now what more do you need to whet your appetite?

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