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Swaminathan Ramji passion of model making goes over 60 years of experience.

Craftizan is headed by Shabbir Vagh of VAGH group Mysore and has more than 50 employees at its Mysore center

A dream was realized in November 2018 when Swaminathan Ramji Creatives Model Making Company came into existence. A young and dynamic organization with ambition and a vision to be global leaders in scale model making service.

Models at the factory
Models at the factory

This ambition has been greatly supported by the team of experienced and enthusiastic craftsmen, who are veterans in their work. The company was established with a vision to provide creatives scale model making services like miniature model making, ISRO Scaled model making, Dioramas models, science museum exhibits making, marine model making, engineering model making, industrial model making, locomotive model making, DIY kits making, product prototype model making.

Over the years the team has developed themselves into the most trusted model-making solution provider across India and we are in plan of capturing global market. They not only design and build the models that our client requires but we also help them envision the model of their dreams. They brainstorm and consult on the best creative way forward on developing a great and creative model.

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